U.S. demands to take revenge on Russia because of the “Havana syndrome” from the Americans

19Fortyfive columnist Jason Killmeyer offered to take revenge on Russia because of the manifestations of the “Havana syndrome” among the Americans.

U.S. demands to take revenge on Russia because of the "Havana syndrome" from the Americans

RIA Novosti writes about it.

He recalled the recent case of this disease in one of the CIA officers who accompanied the head of department, Bill Burns, on a trip to India. According to the columnist, cases of malaise among American civil servants abroad, called “Havana Syndrome”, do not occur without “outside interference.”

“The consensus is that Russia is to blame for these attacks. <…> For the attack, it is likely that directed energy weapons are used”, Killmeyer said.

The author is convinced that Moscow is challenging Washington and asking him how to respond to such actions. The observer believes that the United States is in a quandary: the country’s leadership is collecting evidence and trying to understand the mechanism that provokes sickness in Americans.

“Every day of delay in answering leads to the fact that more and more US citizens are suffering from this disease <…> The safety of our employees around the world should be paramount,” concluded Killmeyer.


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