China’s energy crisis will affect the whole world

China is experiencing a power crisis

China's energy crisis will affect the whole world

Its scale is so great that this dynamically developing country in the world is forced to suspend production of enterprises due to planned power outages.

How will the energy crisis affect the world?

China is one of the largest suppliers of goods worldwide, including semiconductors. For example, ASE Technology is a world leader in chip packaging and testing.

The problem of supplying their products does not yet have a global character, its (products) were shipped to customers in advance, but soon the damage from what is happening will have to be realized.

No one is going to turn off the electricity for such semiconductor giant TSMC and UMC, but there is no exact information when they will receive silicon wafers necessary for the manufacture of microcircuits, which in turn are used in any electronic equipment, for example, in a kettle.

The power outage interrupts the supply from ordinary things to popular smartphones – the assembly of Apple products is based in this country and this will certainly affect the sharply increased pricing policy of goods from the Middle Kingdom.
However, the life of ordinary people in China now also passes without light.

The authorities do not give a clear answer when the electricity system will be turned on, but they ask people to treat this with understanding.

“At the moment, there are no reports on when the electricity supply will be resumed. City officials are awaiting news from the provinces”, the announcement reads.

The power outage also affected the city’s water supply and sewerage system – people cannot flush water in toilets, since the electric pumps responsible for supplying water to houses are stopped. There are also houses that have lost hot water due to the shutdown of boiler houses.

“A few days without electricity and water is really very difficult. We can’t even go to the toilet. My mobile phone is dead, and the charge is also almost zero. Even the canteen does not work, so we have no food or drink”,  Chinese social media user.

However, the Chinese authorities do not expect the problem to resolve by itself, but have already made an official request to
Russian “Inter RAO”, to increase the volume of electricity supplies to the country. Now the largest company in Russia for the production and sale of electricity and heat is considering the technical feasibility of this request.

Ekaterina Ageeva, specially for News Front


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