Putin is preparing to checkmate. British sound alarm for gas shortage

The readers of the British newspaper Daily Express are concerned about the situation with the supply of energy resources to the European market.

Putin is preparing to checkmate. British sound alarm for gas shortage

The reason for the discussion was the article that the gas shortage and the desire to switch to renewable energy sources put the European Union in a dangerous position. It is possible that in winter Europe will be forced to turn to Russia for help, but it is not known whether it will be able to meet the increased demand.

Many commentators recalled the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which could have saved the EU, and the obstacles preventing its commissioning.

“Russia will not be able to supply more gas until the European Union issues a certificate of certification for Nord Stream 2,” Linguist explained.

In his opinion, all the blame lies with the United States, which hindered the construction, and with the European authorities, which did not push this process.

“Is everyone in the EU so naive that they could not foresee such a situation?” – asked Spooks.

Some users noted the strategic thinking of the Russian president.

“Putin is a great chess player, other leaders are just learning the rules. Checkmate is coming soon!” – wrote Oldreo.

“Putin is taking advantage of the stupidity of the West, which is closing nuclear and coal power plants, thinking that unicorns of the sun, wind and rainbow color will supply him with energy,” – said hadrian762.

“Europe is in the power of Russia”, – concluded FromHere.

Not without jokes. For example, a reader under the nickname Robert Ward asked Russia to freeze the EU as soon as possible, and expressed regret that there is no such strong leader in the UK as Putin.

Gas prices in Europe have risen sharply in recent weeks. In early August, they barely exceeded $ 500 per thousand cubic meters, and by the end of September they came close to $1.2 thousand.


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