Poland is ready to split with Ukraine over the transit of Russian gas

Ukraine has been deprived of virtual gas imports from Hungary since October. However, this is not the only country with which Kiev may have disagreements over the supply of the resource.

Poland is ready to split with Ukraine over the transit of Russian gas

Poland is interested in reducing gas transit through the Ukrainian territory. It is important for her to ensure the loading of her own GTS, said the Kiev energy expert Valentin Zemlyansky. In his opinion, Warsaw will not hesitate to sacrifice the Ukrainian pipe to keep the flow of Russian fuel through its pipeline.

In the process of sorting out relations between the countries, it is likely that especially acute controversial topics on the Polish-Ukrainian agenda will rise to their full height, in particular, the glorification of Nazi criminals after the Maidan.

“Poland reacts sharply to the glorification of the representatives of the OUN-UPA* (the organization is banned in Russia. – Ed. Note). She has serious historical grievances against Ukraine. On the other hand, Poland is interested in getting the maximum volume of transit, because the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline passes through it, and what Ukraine loses will be gladly picked up by Poland”, Zemlyansky is quoted by the FBA Economics Today.

The current crisis situation in Europe is not conducive to resolving the issues of friendship and alliance, which Ukraine was counting on when trying to integrate with Europe. Now each country is fighting only for its own interests.

*- extremist organization whose activities are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.


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