Poland brings migrants back to Belarus

Poland is sending back some illegal migrants who came from Belarus, said a spokesman for the Michalskaya Border Guard, RIA Novosti reported.

Poland brings migrants back to Belarus

“The people who were detained in the Mikhalov area, none of them declared that they need medical assistance. They all received food and drinks. None of the adults were willing to apply for international protection. They all said they wanted to submit such applications in Germany. This was the final country of their migration. Therefore, they were returned to the border line in accordance with the order of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration – to the places where they crossed the border”, Mikhalskaya said.

In total, over the past day, Polish border guards detained a record number of illegal migrants who tried to enter the republic from Belarus – 529. And in September, 7,535 attempts to illegally cross the border from Belarus were recorded.

For example, for the entire 2020, only 120 such attempts were recorded.


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