Nationalists in Latvia are outraged – too much Russian

Latvian nationalists from the National Union were outraged by the information that the multimedia platform for national minorities will only be in Russian, media reported.

Nationalists in Latvia are outraged - too much Russian

On September 17, the Council for Public Electronic Media presented a multimedia platform for national minorities, which will be entirely in Russian.

Nationalists from the National Union stated that the absence of other languages ​​violates the main principle of creating this platform – “providing information oriented to the statehood of Latvia in minority languages”.

The nationalists made another claim: nowhere is it mentioned that the platform can use the state language or other minority languages ​​in addition to Russian.

“450 thousand euros have been invested in the creation of a new studio that will serve only one – Russian – audience. In the opinion of the party, this does not contribute to either the Latvian statehood or the cohesion of society”, their statement reads.

They also urge to stop broadcasting content in Russian on LTV7.


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