Europe asks Russia for additional supplies of coal

Electricity producers in Europe have asked Russia for additional coal supplies because European gas storage facilities are only partially filled and renewables cannot meet demand, Bloomberg reported.

Europe asks Russia for additional supplies of coal

“If all European utilities switch to coal, it will lead to a huge surge in coal demand, which Russia itself cannot provide in such a short time,” said chief analyst at Wood Mackenzie Ltd. in Houston Natasha Tyurina.

European countries’ dependence on coal to keep their economies running makes negotiations on climate issues much more difficult, as COP26 in Glasgow is several weeks away.

Earlier, the price of coal in Europe reached a maximum in 13 years – more than $ 1000 per 1,000 cubic meters. m. The rise in the cost of coal is due to a sharp rise in the price of gas – increased demand from power plants and utilities. Natural gas prices continue to rise amid record low inventories in Europe ahead of the start of the heating season


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