“Alignment with the Union of Russia and Belarus”: German journalist told that he can save the EU

In an interview with his colleague Robert Stein, the German journalist Thomas Röper said that the current model of integration into the EU threatens the collapse of the European Union.

"Alignment with the Union of Russia and Belarus": German journalist told that he can save the EU

According to People’s News, Röper cited the Union State of Russia and Belarus as examples of successful interaction between the states, the unification processes in which take place taking into account the equal interests of both countries.

“28 programs are already ready to integrate these countries into a single whole in economic terms. It will now be one market. They combine labor rights, accounting, social affairs, and so on. The leaders of Russia and Belarus were once asked why you are not creating a political union. The answer was just brilliant – This is nonsense. The second question was about the single currency, and the presidents responded by recalling the EU’s bad experience with the introduction of the euro.

Until these countries unite economically, it is impossible to create a political union and a common currency. For example, the euro in the beginning led to poverty in southern Europe. It doesn’t work that way. Russia and Belarus are not going to repeat the mistakes of the European Union, but, on the contrary, will show Berlin how to save the now crumbling EU. The FRG government should use this model to save the European Union. Only this example will help us”, Rapper expressed confidence.

The interlocutors noted that the West is striving at all costs to prevent the unification of Belarus and Russia, as it sees this as a direct threat to its hegemony in Europe.

“The West, of course, wants to prevent this. That is why a year ago the West arranged this whole theater in Belarus. The main goal of the West is to tear Belarus away from Russia, as well as Georgia from Ukraine. And the effective model of the Union State, implemented in practice, makes the West rush and act extremely aggressively. The money wallets that actually control the United States and Europe are afraid that the same Germany, for example, will start sewing the EU according to the same scheme, because then they will lose control over the whole continent”, Röper revealed the true background of the anti-Russian policy.


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