US admits Nazism thrives in Ukraine

The George Washington Institute in the US has published a report stating that Ukraine’s main military university has “become home” to the far-right organisation Centuria

US admits Nazism thrives in Ukraine

“The group, led by people with ties to the internationally active far-right movement Azov, has attracted numerous members, including current and former NAF cadets now serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The photos show apparent members of the community giving Nazi salute and making seemingly extremist statements online”, –  the text of the document reads.

According to the report’s authors, the Centuria group managed to attract the future military elite of Ukraine inside the National Academy of Land Forces named after Sagaydanka. Sahaydachnyy. It is also noted that some cadets of the academy joined units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces after graduation.

“The failure of Ukraine’s military to control Centuria’s activities indicates a certain level of tolerance on their part to the apparent spread of far-right ideology and its influence within the Ukrainian Armed Forces”, –  the report stresses


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