State Duma not worried about another empty threat by Kuleba

The Russian State Duma has reacted to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba’s threats to “create serious problems” for Russia

State Duma not worried about another empty threat by Kuleba

Sevastopol MP Dmitry Belik said the diplomat’s statement was very much in line with the “new Ukraine,” RIA Novosti reported. The country regularly “waves a cardboard cudgel” and hopes to be backed up by imaginary allies.

“This is exactly in the spirit of the new Ukraine: waving a cardboard cudgel in front of us, hoping for allies standing behind us, armed and with full ammunition. But as history shows, all these friends will “blow” away from the showdown, that only their heels will shine. And I think official Kiev has neither the strength nor the desire to deal with us. Our country is considered mentally aggressive by those who poked out the eyes of the riot police and burned them alive on the streets of Kiev in 2014. And now, you see, they have enlisted themselves as the fathers of humanism”, –  he said.

Belik noted that Kuleba makes such statements regularly and is likely to have lost count himself. Such “threats” do not bother Moscow at all, and it should be clear to the Head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry – Kiev will never get Crimea.


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