Russia calls on EU to punish Zelensky for ordering open fire in Donbas

Political analyst Bohdan Bezpalko said that the decision of the AFU chief to cancel the orders banning the opening of fire on the Donbass militia is the actual start of a new phase of escalation in eastern Ukraine

Russia calls on EU to punish Zelensky for ordering open fire in Donbas

According to SM-News, the head of the Ukrainians of Russia NGO, Bohdan Bezpalko, demanded that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who unleashed his hands on the Ukrainian military by shelling civilians in Donbas, be held accountable.

“It should be understood here that ceasefire violations have been constant. In fact, Zaluzhny has now taken Ukraine out of the truce that was supposedly concluded a year ago. But this truce was not observed, that is, he formally, legally took Ukraine out of a truce that his subordinates did not observe. It lasted about three months”, –  Bezpalko explained.

The expert blamed the double standards of European politics for the fact that the Donbass conflict has still not been resolved.

“But no sanctions, even symbolic ones, are applied to Ukraine. Zelensky would simply be banned from entering the EU, saying that until there is a clear ceasefire fixed by our special monitoring mission, we will not allow you to enter our territory. But this is not happening”, –  Bezpalko stressed.

In the opinion of the political scientist, such situation has occurred only because the collective West is satisfied with the policy of the present regime in Kiev.


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