Mentality is similar: an Indian man talks frankly about his life in Krasnodar

An Indian named Viraj has been living in Russia, where he came to study, for three years now. He decided to settle down not in the capital, but in Krasnodar, primarily because of the mild climate that reminds him of his native India

Mentality is similar: an Indian man talks frankly about his life in Krasnodar

As Narodnye Novosti reports, the resident of faraway India came to Russia to become a doctor. Russia’s medical school is respected around the world.

“I wanted to go to a quiet, peaceful city where it would be warm. Initially I was considering Moscow and St. Petersburg, but my friends who studied there told me that it is very cold there. If you go outside, you literally turn to ice. And Krasnodar has been a real gift to me”, –  the young man said in an interview with the YouTube channel Russia is Our Country!

Having become a student at Kuban Medical University, Virazh fell in love with Krasnodar and advises everyone to visit the city at least once.

“I think tourists need at least one month to get to know the Krasnodar region properly. There’s a lot to see here. I mean not only the city itself, but also the villages, the suburbs. If we are talking about Krasnodar directly, it is worth staying here for a week or two, because there are so many interesting places in this city. For example, one of my favourites is the Chistyakovskaya Grove”, – the Indian explained.

The Indian student finds the similarity of the mentality of Russians and Indians the most important and comfortable.

“The mentality of Russians and Indians is very similar, we think in similar ways. For example, Russian parents keep their children close to them. It’s not like in America, for example, where people often start living independently after the age of 18. This is not a bad thing either, but keeping in touch with parents is much more important”, –  Viraj is sure.

The Indian guest said that he loved Russia with all his heart, but that he would return home after completing his studies to be of service to his people.

“I think I will go back to India after I finish my studies. I love Russia but my country needs me”, –  Viraj stressed.


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