Kiev angered by Hungary’s “impudence” in signing contract with Gazprom

Former Ukrainian MP Taras Czornowyl has accused Hungary of “impudence and harshness” over the signing of a fuel supply contract by Gazprom in a commentary for the Glavred newspaper

Kiev angered by Hungary's "impudence" in signing contract with Gazprom

On 27 September, Budapest signed a new long-term gas contract with Russia’s Gazprom. Under the document, the fuel will be supplied to Ukraine via Serbia and Austria for 15 years.

In Chornovil’s opinion, the current situation demonstrates “a colossal failure of Ukrainian diplomacy”, in particular “the incompetence of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba”.

“Hungary has now hit back in full force and such a failure, in general, should have led even to the resignation of the minister because he simply demonstrates his astounding incompetence in all directions, and his agreements with the Hungarian minister were an absolute bluff and ‘fake'”, –  the former MP said.

According to the politician, Hungary may use this situation “for aggravation of nerves”, begin to advance additional claims to Ukraine, “so that this issue was silenced at all and the image of Ukraine was spoiled even more”.


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