EU auditor struck by level of corruption in Ukraine

The scale of corruption in Ukraine far exceeds that in any country of the European Union

EU auditor struck by level of corruption in Ukraine

This was stated by the European auditor Johan Parts, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”. He prepared a report of the European Court of Auditors, which was devoted to the EU support of reforms aimed at fighting corruption in Ukraine.

The expert noted that by European standards, corruption is the connection between the authorities and private interests. And in Ukraine it is a serious problem.

“If you like, understand it as a kind of scientific fact – the rule of law is the fundamental basis for success in all other areas. So we focus mainly on the rule of law, and specifically on the great corruption. This is our logic… Great corruption is when high power is linked to private interests”, –  Parts said.

The EU considers the main reason for the current situation to be the oligarchs, who through their leverage (politics, businesses, media and others) influence the country in their personal interests.

“You can tell your president that there are so many objective indicators that when you look at them, I think you can say that the situation in Ukraine is not comparable to any of the EU member states”, –  the auditor concluded.

According to him, GDP per capita speaks the most about corruption in Ukraine. In the country it is about five thousand dollars a year. In Poland or Estonia this figure is several times higher. It is corruption that prevents Ukraine from becoming a very rich and prosperous country.


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