Amnesty International condemns Poland’s treatment of migrants on border with Belarus

Polish authorities have been criticized for the way they treat migrants on their borders. The nongovernmental organization Amnesty International voiced their dissatisfaction

Amnesty International condemns Poland's treatment of migrants on border with Belarus

“European Pravda” reports, citing Reuters, that the organisation has drawn attention to the way Poles have forcibly transported Belarusians across the border.


With the help of satellite images of August 18, Amnesty International detected the movement of migrants from the territory of Poland back into Belarus.

“Forcing people who try to seek asylum back without an individual assessment of their protection needs contradicts European and international law”, –  said Eva Gedda, who heads the organisation’s European office.

Human rights defenders and NGOs cannot get to the border with Belarus – Poland declared a state of emergency in September, which will be extended for another 60 days.


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