US military disagrees with Biden’s decisions on Afghanistan

US President Joe Biden and the US military could not find a common language on the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

US military disagrees with Biden's decisions on Afghanistan

This is reported by the DW portal, referring to the statement of the head of the US General Staff Mark Milli. Representatives of the armed forces insisted that 2,500 soldiers should be left in the country.

The country’s military leadership believes that the American mission in Afghanistan has completely failed.

“Withdrawal of troops is a strategic failure. The enemy is in power in Kabul, it is impossible to characterize it in any other way”, Milli said.

His point of view is shared by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who, speaking in the Senate, said that “serious miscalculations” were made in Afghanistan. The Afghan army trained by the Americans did not even try to contain the Taliban”*.

* – prohibited in the Russian Federation