American observer explained how Ukraine uses the Crimean Tatars

The American edition of the National Interest explained why Ukraine used the Crimean Tatars to blow up a gas pipeline in Crimea.

American observer explained how Ukraine uses the Crimean Tatars

Columnist Diana Kadi explained in her article that the Ukrainian special services want to present Russia as an “aggressor” on the peninsula. She allegedly oppresses the rights of the Crimean Tatars, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

“Why did the gas pipeline explosion in Crimea take place before the next UN session and after Antonio Guterres’ speech on repressions? And, most importantly, why does Ukrainian intelligence hire not Ukrainians or Russians, who are in the majority on the Crimean Peninsula, for extremist activities, but Crimean Tatars? The answer is obvious: in order to again present Russia as an aggressor repressing the Crimean Tatar people. And therefore, the legal detention of extremists can be passed off as repression against minorities”, she wrote.

At the same time, the journalist called on the Crimean Tatars to pay attention to the fact that they are trying to be used for political purposes and not to succumb to these provocations.

The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation in early September announced that the explosion on the gas pipeline on August 23 of this year was organized by the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine. The operational service “Tavria” in cooperation with the “Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people”* staged a sabotage. A criminal case has been opened on her fact and three people have already been detained.

* – prohibited in the Russian Federation


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