Peskov says contract between Russia and Hungary on gas supplies bypassing Ukraine does not violate anyone’s rights – Peskov

And complies with the norms of international trade.

Peskov says contract between Russia and Hungary on gas supplies bypassing Ukraine does not violate anyone's rights - Peskov

“We are implementing our bilateral relations with Hungary. This is precisely a long-term contract that will guarantee reliable, predictable, regular supplies of blue fuel to Hungary along guaranteed, economically profitable routes. Nobody’s rights are violated here. No international trade norms are violated here”, Peskov told reporters.

The politician noted that other countries, including Ukraine, cannot interfere in this aspect of Russian-Hungarian relations.

Peskov also commented on criticism from Kiev because of the conclusion of this contract.

“Such a reaction does not require any response.”

He stressed that “the Russian side was and remains an absolute and indisputable guarantor of the energy security of the entire European continent.”

Gazprom is ready to conclude new long-term contracts to increase gas supplies to Europe in order to meet growing needs, said the press secretary of the Russian president.

“We are definitely watching the development of the spot market in Europe. Experts absolutely understand the factors that put pressure on the price, leading to such an abrupt growth, these are objective factors, we will all have to deal with them further”, Peskov told reporters, answering the question of how Russia treats Europe’s concerns about the growth gas prices and whether the Russian Federation is ready to increase supplies in the near future.

He recalled that Gazprom is currently close to a historic record in terms of gas supplies to European consumers, the company is fully or even exceeding its obligations.

“And, of course, Gazprom is ready to consider new contracts, long-term contracts (…) to meet the growing needs of European consumers for natural gas. It is obvious that the spot market can only partially satisfy the needs for rhythmic development”.


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