Ally with a smell: expert told how Merkel used Ukraine in the interests of Germany

According to the Ukrainian economist Yuri Atamanyuk, pursuing exclusively the national interests of his country, which consists in cooperation with Russia, including the gas sector, the German Chancellor unwittingly punished Kiev for its Russophobic policy.

Ally with a smell: expert told how Merkel used Ukraine in the interests of Germany

According to Narodnye Novosti, speaking on the air with the presenters of the Ukrainian TV channel “NASH”, Atamanyuk said that in fact Angela Merkel cannot be called a good friend of Ukraine, although in words she diligently supported the Maidan regime and Kiev’s anti-Russian policy.

“I will support the words of the head of our President’s Office, who said that Merkel did a lot for Ukraine. Indeed, since Merkel made Ukraine, or got fucked, which would be a more appropriate synonym in this configuration, none of our so-called partners did. Another question is that the Ukrainian government wanted the country to be treated like that. After all, there were all the opportunities to play in our favor”, the expert noted, stressing that Kiev itself has deprived itself of space for maneuvers.

According to the economist, Ukraine needed to look more soberly at relations with the West, and in particular with the FRG, and, in a sense, learn from them in defending its national interests. In fact, it turned out that while Ukraine was in the paradigm “the whole world is with us”, Germany decided its issues bypassing Ukrainian interests.

“Germany played Ukraine as a card behind our back, and today Angela Merkel has got everything she needed from Ukraine. Germany took our transit. She controls, through her German company, our largest monopoly, the railroad, and she has received from us a million highly qualified migrants. Germany is the second country after Poland in terms of the number of Ukrainian migrants, but due to high salaries, Berlin lured the best specialists. This is the kind of support. For me, this is a harsh punishment from Angela Merkel for the Russophobia of the Ukrainian authorities”, Atamanyuk stressed.

The expert stressed that one should not expect from the new German government that they will begin to sacrifice the interests of the Germans for the sake of Ukraine.


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