Ukraine announced a prerequisite for the certification of “Nord Stream-2”

This was stated by the head of the board of “Naftogaz” Yuriy Vitrenko on the air of the program “Real politics with Yevgeny Kiselev” on Ukrainian TV.

Ukraine announced a prerequisite for the certification of "Nord Stream-2"

Unblocking access of European buyers to the purchase of Russian and Central Asian gas on the eastern border of Ukraine and further independent booking of transit capacities is a legally mandatory condition for the certification of Nord Stream 2.

“A great diplomatic victory for Ukraine, that the joint statement of America and Germany has a direct message: Nord Stream 2 must correspond to the spirit and word of the EU’s Third Energy Package, otherwise it cannot be certified, cannot really earn money,” Vitrenko said.

The requirements of the Third Energy Package are the separation of the pipeline operator from the influences of Gazprom and Vladimir Putin, as well as ensuring free access for buyers to purchase gas and subsequent booking of transit capacities.
Germany should not certify Nord Stream 2 until Russia unblocks the Ukrainian gas pipeline to third parties. So that European companies can receive gas at the Ukraine-Russia border and then independently book transit through Ukraine. And in the process, when the German regulator certifies Nord Stream-2, it must also make sure that this pipeline will not be in a privileged position compared to others.

According to the head of the board of Naftogaz, Ukraine does not require political guarantees in international negotiations on Nord Stream-2, but requires strict compliance with legislation.


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