Russia will take part in the Serbian military exercises “Slavic Shield-2021”

In October, due to the tense situation between Serbs and Kosovars, the military exercises “Slavic Shield-2021” will start. The Russian side will take part in the maneuvers.

Russia will take part in the Serbian military exercises "Slavic Shield-2021"

Moscow will send its air defense systems to the region, said the commander of the air and missile defense forces, deputy commander-in-chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Yuri Grekhov.

Thus, on September 23, at the Brnjak checkpoint, Kosovar special forces beat several Serbs who were following firewood. The Kosovo police stopped the car with the Serbs and carried out unlawful actions against the detainees. The victims were taken to hospital.

Earlier, the Kosovars, with the support of snipers, occupied the Brnjak and Yarinje border crossings. At the same time, Pristina ordered not to let cars with Serbian numbers into the territory of the republic, announcing the need to install temporary numbers of the region. This caused a wave of indignation among local residents.

Earlier News Front reported that in response to Kosovo’s actions, Serbian President Aleksandr Vucic announced Belgrade’s readiness to take decisive action in the event of an extreme aggravation of the situation.


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