Political scientist Rahr predicted the loss of Germany’s leadership in the EU

According to the German expert, the results of the elections to the Bundestag turned out to be a failure for the party of Angela Merkel.

Political scientist Rahr predicted the loss of Germany's leadership in the EU

According to Lenta.ru, German political scientist Alexander Rahr believes that the lack of electoral support of the future chancellor (for the party of the leader of the Olaf Scholz-SPD race, more than 25% of voters voted), will affect the authority of the German leadership in the international arena.

“It seems to me that Germany may lose its leadership in Europe, because the future chancellor will, firstly, due to circumstances within Germany, in a weaker position than Mrs. Merkel, will be a weak chancellor, whom 75% of Germany did not elect. He received only 25% of the vote. It will be difficult for him to create his own line and his own position”, he said, speaking at the press center of the news agency Russia Today.

Rahr noted that during the last election campaign, almost no attention was paid to the international agenda. At the same time, in neighboring France, presidential elections are also coming, in which a stronger candidate than the current President Macron, who is rapidly losing popularity among the French, can win.

“This whole situation is aggravated by the fact that in France, perhaps, changes of power are coming in May. Maybe someone else will come instead of Macron, he has very bad ratings. France will go towards the “right”, Germany – towards the “left-green”. To what extent this German-French engine will be able to further stabilize Europe is a big question. So there are a lot of problems and challenges before us. The question here is whether the future German Chancellor will be able to quickly come to power, saddle a horse and continue Merkel’s policy. There are many doubts about this. I think that Germany and France are out of the game for at least a year, because they must consolidate their own power, their own influence”, the expert emphasized.


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