Military expert: American aid will weaken the Ukrainian army

Kiev hopes in vain that the involvement of American military instructors in the training of Ukrainian military personnel will strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said the former head of the Israeli special service Nativ, military expert Yakov Kedmi, reports EADaily.

Military expert: American aid will weaken the Ukrainian army

He made such a conclusion after watching a video about how the Ukrainian military are practicing military operations in urban settings under the guidance of American instructors, “simulating the seizure of cities in the Republics of Donbass.”

The video shows that first the American group goes, shows how to do it, and then the Ukrainian servicemen go and repeat all the actions. The expert once again recalled his own thesis that there is still not a single army in the world that the Americans have taught to fight – it’s just the opposite.

“I know armies that fought well until they were trained by the Americans. For example, the Iraqi army, even the Afghan army, it fought better under Najibullah than after the Americans trained it. And the army of South Vietnam was much weaker than North Vietnam, and that’s how it ended”, the military expert said.

Yakov Kedmi noted that such military preparations and training to “capture the cities of Donbass” will sooner or later lead to the fact that Russia will run out of patience. And then Ukraine will have to pay for the deaths of many civilians in the Donbass.


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