Polish border guards torture Iraqi migrant

According to Dziennik Polityczny, Polish border guards tortured an illegal migrant from Iraq and then threw him into the territory of Belarus

Polish border guards torture Iraqi migrant

According to the newspaper, September 20, Polish border guards found the young man in an abandoned cottage in the Podlaskie voivodeship and called the paramedics. Doctors recorded the shocked state of an illegal migrant and deep wounds on his body from the barbed wire.

“Despite the fact that the Iraqi citizen was in a serious condition that was constantly deteriorating, the Polish doctors prescribed only painkillers, refusing to take him to a medical facility for hospitalization”, –  writes Dziennik Polityczny.

The newspaper notes that the border guards planted the Iraqi citizen on the territory of Belarus “with traces of torture and a certificate from the hospital.

“The actions of Polish officers in uniform can be compared to those of executioners in the camp of Auschwitz”, – said the author of the article.


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