Poland turns into US military bridgehead – Belarus

Belarusian Defense Ministry reported that Poland is turning into a military springboard for the U.S., told the publication “Sputnik Belarus”

Poland turns into US military bridgehead - Belarus

“Back in May this year, Belarusian Defense Minister voiced the idea that a forward storage site for equipment and supplies of the United States Armed Forces is being created in Poland”, –  reads the statement.

It is noted that at the moment the modernization of five storage facilities for fuel and lubricants on the territory of Poland has been completed, and a battalion tactical group of NATO troops is located 15 kilometres away from the Belarusian border on a permanent basis.

“New ground forces formations are being formed in the immediate vicinity of our border. All of the above are nothing but measures to prepare in advance for military action”, –  the Ministry of Defence claims.


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