Zelensky failed to understand the Biden administration’s main message during his visit to the US

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s trip to the United States to meet with US leader Joe Biden turned out to be extremely unsuccessful

Zelensky failed to understand the Biden administration's main message during his visit to the US

Political scientist Oleksiy Kalinichenko is convinced of this, the portal 112 reports, referring to his speech on the air of the TV channel “Pervy Nezalezhny”. He noted that Kiev’s reality does not correlate with the government’s statements about its desire for democracy.

“The Ukrainian reality – in particular, the pressure on freedom of speech, closure of independent TV channels, persecution of the opposition – does not correlate in any way with the statements of the authorities about striving for democratic values”, –  the expert said.

Kiev’s officials did not understand the main message of the Biden administration: no one is going to support Ukraine the way Zelensky and his team came up with.

The very procedure for the preparation of the Ukrainian guarantor’s visit proves this once again. Zelensky’s trip and his talks with Biden were postponed several times to dates that clearly were not to Kiev’s liking. Furthermore, no concrete statements were ever made after that meeting.

Kiev does not realise that after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan the situation in the world has changed. Washington no longer wants to rebuild other states. It has enough problems of its own.


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