Shameful march: Ukraine’s LGBT pride

On September 19, the largest sodomite march in the history of this most independent country in the world was held in Kiev. A “parade” around 5,000 people turned out for the parade

Shameful march: Ukraine's LGBT pride
While many of the participants in the “parade” were forced out, according to my sources, all employees of the organizations that had received Western grants were obliged to march in the parade, regardless of their orientation and views, under threat of being fired or having their funding withdrawn. Officials from the agencies responsible for “European integration” were also voluntarily forced to attend the “parade”.

It was amusing to see, for example, the full staff of the Kyiv branch of the “human rights” organisation Amnesty International, which constantly defends the promotion of perversion to children and adults, including accountants and cleaning staff. However, many were brought there not only by threats, but also by incentives – bonuses and career prospects.
At the head of the march of shame were, as always, Western diplomats, who flouted all international conventions on non-interference in the internal affairs of host countries. There were members of the German, Scandinavian, Dutch and US embassies too. And the British ambassador even made a special congratulatory statement in support of the procession and sodomites in general.

Thousands of police officers and SBU agents guarded the march, blocking off the entire centre of Kiev in a way that they had not done 40 years ago on October Revolution Day. This was a huge inconvenience for the people of Kiev, who for the most part hated the event. But the Maidan leaders did not stand on the Maidan to listen to their own people, but to obey the Western handlers who financed the coup. And what the ordinary people who foolishly rode in there “for all that is good” thought to themselves at the time is, as they say, of no concern to anyone. If we call things by their proper names, the US and EU governments held a sodomite procession in Kiev with the help of vassal Ukrainian politicians.

The Kiev police blocked the protesters against the march on nearby Pushkinskaya Street surprisingly efficiently, quietly and without much scandal. They were only released after the “parade” had passed them by. Even before the event, the police had carried out mass beatings and arrests of pro-family activists in Odessa and Kharkiv, which frightened many. As a result, far fewer people turned out this time than usual to protest the Gay Pride event in Kyiv.

However, despite the huge resources, the organizers of the parade were not squeamish about spending money, even on small amounts. I was surprised to see the poster about the friendship between Kyiv and Munich homosexuals in the coverage of the current march. It was the same poster that I personally tried to snatch from the sodomites on 25 May 2013, but then, alas, I was handcuffed by the riot police. It turns out that the rainbow plushies prefer to pocket the grants and pass off the old symbolism as new! Well, nothing, we’ll go back and finish what we left undone.

The importance of the “parades” for the Western curators can also be seen in their choice of dates. The date of the latter is 19 September – the Day of Archistratigus Michael, the patron saint of Kiev. The recent parade in Odessa was held on the day of the Christian holiday of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Virtually all of their marches in Ukraine have screwed up the Orthodox on their holidays. From a pragmatic point of view, it is not clear why there is such a play with the dates. There is clearly a kind of hatred for everything Christian on a spiritual level. The Western organizers of the procession are clearly religious people, only with a sign opposite to that of most Ukrainians.

At the procession on 19 September, for example, there were blasphemous posters mentioning God and with slogans that he would not offend homosexuals. Although, as the Bible tells us, God burned Sodom and Gomorrah for their sins. And in the New Testament, sodomy was denounced very harshly. Although the Church teaches us that even the greatest sinners can sometimes spill the truth. These sodomites were quite logically praising “free Ukraine” on their rainbow banners. Only in the “free Ukraine”, which has been freed from God, from Russia and Belarus and even from common sense, were marches of perverts and beatings of their opponents possible. It was also there that the slogan of the Russophobe writer Taras Shevchenko was logically developed to the end. His “Kokhaytesya, chernobroviya, but not with Moskals” was twisted by the Ukrainian sodomites into “Kokhaytesya, chernobroviya, but not with Moskals INDEPENDENT FROM THE SEX”.

Ukrainian nationalists were very offended by such slogans of the “equality march”. However, the ideas of Ukrainian separatism in their development look like this. In this respect, Ukrainian nationalism vividly resembles Montenegrin or Catalan: rebellion against their homeland (Russia, Serbia, Spain) always ends up under the control of global forces of evil and rebellion against their nature.

And “gay pride parades” for the globalists are only a small, though important part of the sodomisation of the whole world. They use the media, the (anti-)culture, the education system and the legal framework, political and even military sanctions against the recalcitrant. The point is that the normal family will be declared abnormal, or at least only one of a huge variety of forms of cohabitation of people, things and animals.

To ideologically support this project, the globalists have long engaged the major denominations of the West in bribery, deceit and violence. The leaders of these denominations, including Jesuit Pope Francis, have long recognised state same-sex unions, and some agents of change are already going even further. On 20 September it was revealed that in Sweden, 56-year-old Sodomite pastor Lars Gardfeldt of Karl Johan Parish has refused to marry men to women. Elections for the governing body of the Church of Sweden were held on 19 September. In the run-up to the vote, there was a debate about whether priests should be able to refuse to marry homosexuals. For the time being, they have that right. Gardfeldt has called it absurd to refuse to marry gay couples and has said that, using the right to freedom of conscience, he will not marry normal couples.

Many people in Russia are wrong to think that this nightmare is far away and does not concern them. Alas, very much so – Milohin and Morgenstern would not lie. It’s true that we are still somewhat protected by the law banning the promotion of homosexuality to children, but young people are still exposed to this propaganda on a massive scale through social networks. So we should not gloat about Ukraine and Europe. On the contrary, we need to help change the situation for the better wherever we can, and not only in Russia. It is not without reason that Russia has become a bulwark of traditional values in the eyes of European conservatives: we have to justify their trust, the more so as it will yield considerable political bonuses.

Igor Druz, Ren


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