Kiev political scientist says Ukraine has become a “toxic asset”

US President Joe Biden did not mention Ukraine during his speech at the UN General Assembly, as Kiev has become a “toxic asset” for Washington, which should be avoided. This opinion was expressed by Ruslan Bortnik, a political scientist and director of the Ukrainian Institute of Analysis and Policy Management

Kiev political scientist says Ukraine has become a "toxic asset"

“Today Ukraine is problematic, toxic and unresolvable. To bring up Ukraine today is to worsen the dialogue with the Russian Federation. To say something good about Ukraine – there is no reason”, –  Bortnik said on the YouTube channel “First Cossack”.

He added that the topic of Ukraine is not of interest to the US presidential administration at the moment and is “even tactically dangerous” because the internal Ukrainian conflict is not solvable and only worsens relations with Russian Federation.

“We are moving into the role of a toxic asset. An asset that cannot simply be dumped because it is fraught with even greater reputational damage. But also an asset that is not useful, dangerous, which should be kept at a distance, in isolation. For our Western partners today we have turned into a toxic asset”, –  concluded the political analyst.


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