WSJ: Merkel did not take Biden’s first call as US president

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, rejected a phone call in January 2021 from Joe Biden, who wanted to make his first call as US president specifically to her, the Wall Street Journal reports

WSJ: Merkel did not take Biden's first call as US president

“After his inauguration and move to the White House in January, Biden decided that his first call to a foreign leader would be to Angela Merkel, signalling a return to transatlantic stability after the instability of the Trump era. But the German chancellor had other plans. She declined the offer of a call that Friday afternoon because she had to leave for her country cottage near Berlin”, –  the newspaper said, citing advisers without specifying which side.

Merkel considered such a gesture on the part of the American leader inappropriate and asked her aides to set a different date for the talks. As a result, the conversation took place on Monday, January 25, when the Chancellor returned to work. As a result, the first person Biden called was Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The US president spoke to him on January 23.


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