US Senate accused Moscow of “malicious activity” against Kiev

America has prepared a draft resolution in which Russia was convicted of “malicious activity” in relation to Ukraine, reports RT.

US Senate accused Moscow of "malicious activity" against Kiev

The document was prepared on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. In particular, it deals with the independence of the state, the Orange Revolution and the so-called Revolution of Dignity.

One of the authors of the resolution, Democratic Senator Jean Shahin, accuses Russia of “malicious activity” against Ukraine, mentioning the events of 2014, after which Crimea was reunited with the Russian Federation.

“The Senate condemns the continuing malicious activity of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and continues to call on the Russian authorities to immediately stop any actions aimed at weakening Ukraine and destabilizing Europe,” the resolution says.

Members of Congress called on the US authorities to increase sanctions pressure on Moscow until Russia “fulfills its international obligations to respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine.”


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