“Putin’s approach is correct”: Spiegel readers delighted in Russia’s response to EU sanctions

After the decision of the Russian president to extend the “food embargo” on goods from the EU, USA, Canada, Australia and Ukraine for another year, German journalists began to say that Russia would get empty store shelves. But in reality, everything is exactly the opposite.

"Putin's approach is correct": Spiegel readers delighted in Russia's response to EU sanctions

According to the NewInform portal, Der Spiegel admitted that the retaliatory Russian sanctions hit hard on European manufacturers, who by any means try to supply their products to Russia, without disdaining outright smuggling.

“Putin has repeatedly stressed that the embargo helps improve self-sufficiency, for example, in the dairy industry. In addition to the EU, the restrictions also affect the United States, Australia, Canada and Ukraine”, PolitRussia quotes German analysts.

At the same time, German readers did not support the publication’s anti-Russian attitude and expressed their agreement with the political course of the Russian leader.

“Putin’s approach is correct! Most of the products can be produced in Russia, for this you only need the desire of the people. They are hindered by the lack of initiative”, the commentator noted.

“In fact, Russia has enough of everything. Supermarkets are packed to overflowing, including Western food. Only at much better prices. Even German beer is not much more expensive there than here”, writes one reader.

“Those who think that there is little food in Russia should look at the websites of Russian supermarkets. Everything is available at reasonable prices. For example, 500 grams of ham sausage can be bought for 1 euro. It costs 8 times more in our country. Russians may well take care of themselves. By the way, many Western companies have their own production facilities on the territory of the Russian Federation, which they often forget to report”, summed up another.


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