EU may create new defensive alliance in response to AUKUS

Political scientist Gratsiani admitted that Europe could respond to the AUKUS deal with its alliance led by France, reports.

EU may create new defensive alliance in response to AUKUS

Recently it became known that the US, Australia and the UK have formed a trilateral military alliance AUKUS. In this regard, the EU can form its own defensive alliance, separate from NATO, in response to a new military alliance.

According to the chairman of the think tank Vision & Global Trends Tiberio Graziani, in the medium term, relations between the European Union and AUKUS will deteriorate, and if the United States and Britain achieve military, technological and strategic superiority over the EU, they will undergo very serious changes.

“In this case, France, as the only country in continental Europe with nuclear weapons, could play a leading role in creating a truly European defense structure,” Graziani admitted.

If the Europeans succeed in giving up their “national selfishness”, they will be able to take advantage of this situation to achieve greater autonomy in the field of defense and even create their own structure, separate from NATO.


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