“Erdogan has no respect for Ukraine”, – says MP

Verkhovna Rada MP Oleg Voloshyn has expressed the opinion that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has no real respect for Ukraine, but only uses the country in his own interests. He said this on one of the Ukrainian TV channels

"Erdogan has no respect for Ukraine", - says MP

He drew this conclusion after Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba assured him that the Turkish leader would attend the Crimean Platform summit.

“I also rebuked him with this, that you are doing all this under Erdogan. And he replies: “No, Erdogan was just the first to confirm participation”. And he didn’t come. And he didn’t explain himself,” the politician said.

The MP was outraged that Erdogan is planning to hold a meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the end of September in parallel.

“That is the whole attitude to Ukraine: buy our Bayraktars, let our companies build roads, because we give good kickbacks, but we will not respect you”, –  Voloshyn summed up.

Earlier, News Front reported that the Crimean Platform turned out to be an even more pathetic spectacle than one could have imagined. Almost all the countries showed disdain for Zelensky’s invitation, and few sent at least specialized specialists to this summit.


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