Turkey prepares for confrontation with Syrian army in Idlib

Turkey has moved another four thousand troops and more than 300 pieces of military equipment to the territory of Syria

Turkey prepares for confrontation with Syrian army in Idlib

This was reported by SM-News portal, citing the publication of Avia.pro. According to journalists, Turkey is preparing for a confrontation with the Syrian army and its Russian support in Idlib province.

“The Turkish grouping has more than doubled in the last six months. The number of Turkish troops has increased by 4,000 and the number of armoured vehicles by 300. “Of the 27 Turkish positions, 11 are now south of the border of the ‘security corridor’ with tanks and heavy weaponry deployed on them”, –  Russian Spring said in a report.

At the same time, many experts point out that the quantitative data on the transferred military contingent is not final. Syrian intelligence reports that a new military convoy will soon arrive in Idlib

Turkey has yet to hand over territory south of the M4 highway to Syrian control. According to existing agreements, the road should be under the protection of the Russian military.


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