Political analyst Markov: EU won’t spoil relations with Russia from European Parliament report

According to the Russian expert, the anti-Russian hype of European parliamentarians is one thing, but the real and pragmatic policy of Europe towards Russia is quite another

Political analyst Markov: EU won't spoil relations with Russia from European Parliament report

According to the portal Baltnews, political analyst Sergei Markov said that the EU would not pay attention to the report of Lithuanian MEP Andrius Kubilius, who proposed to review relations with Russia towards their deterioration.

“The MEP’s report was developed on a coup plan, which [in Russia] was to stage protests. At the moment [the idea] has completely sagged. I believe the Westerners will crawl away from this report”, –  Markov said.  – “We can see this in the way the media is reporting on the report. They lie, they gloss over the harsh radical things [contained in the report]. Why? Because the resolution sagged, went the wrong way. And there are much more radical things there than even non-recognition of the election”.

According to the expert, the report contains completely absurd and unacceptable language about Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly “waging war against his own people,” Russia showing “aggression against Europe,” and on this basis it proposes not recognizing the results of the 2024 presidential election if Putin decides to take part in it again.

“It’s very harsh, but they are silent about it. I think they will not follow their own report, but will be forced to crawl back, and now they will say a lot of dirty, nasty words about the Russian elections, but the main thing is that Russian deputies will be recognized as deputies”, – Markov noted.


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