Political analyst Bredikhin criticises US demand for more gas

The United States has no right to demand Russia to increase gas supplies through the Ukrainian territory, Anton Bredikhin, a member of the scientific council at the UN RAS “Socio-political problems of the formation of the EAEC”, said in a comment to FAN

Political analyst Bredikhin criticises US demand for more gas

“What does Khokhstein have to do with our country? Or does he dispose of Russia’s natural riches? According to the updated Constitution, all these claims are not worth a penny. No one doubted that with the completion of Nord Stream-2, the Americans would not rest,” the expert said.

Bredikhin said that Russia should be prepared for further confrontation with the United States in the field of energy supplies. As News Front reported earlier, the US State Department demanded that Russia increase the volume of gas transit through Ukrainian territory amid a sharp rise in the price of fuel on European markets.

In the opinion of political analyst Volodymyr Karasyov, Washington is no longer concerned with Ukraine’s problems and Kiev will have to solve the problem of a fuel shortage for a stable heating season on its own. According to experts, if the Ukrainian authorities refuse from gas from Russia, the country’s residents may be left without heating.

“There are no other countries on the planet that can demand anything from such a power as Russia. Is Hochstein concerned about Ukraine’s problems? Is he its minister? A member of the Verkhovna Rada?”,  – Karasev stressed.


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