Europe prepares for the most expensive winter of all time

Europeans are worried they will not be able to heat their homes next winter. Panic is growing against the background of the abrupt onset of autumn cold weather

Europe prepares for the most expensive winter of all time

This is reported by the publication “”, citing the German tabloid Bild. The material called “Millions of Germans will have to shiver even before this winter: a shock on the price of heating is inevitable!

On the European market, the price per thousand cubic metres of gas is at a record high. Furthermore, the price of electricity and heating oil has risen sharply. Some 30 million households could thus be hit.

Commerzbank’s commodity expert Karsten Fritsch is certain that the most expensive winter of all time is ahead. Some 20 million homes are now heated with gas. The average family of four pays €210 a month, but this figure can now reach €1,300.

It is worth noting that the German publication blames Russia and the Nord Stream-2 pipeline. At the same time, it is European authorities that slow down the launch of the project. So far, for Brussels, the commissioning of NSP2 and the launch of gas is the only real way out of the current situation.


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