Trying to cheat Gazprom, Ukraine has trapped itself in a gas trap

The so-called “gas reversal”, which the Kiev authorities were so proud of over the past few years, in fact existed only on paper, and in case Russia refuses to pump gas through the Ukrainian pipe, Ukraine may find itself in distress

Trying to cheat Gazprom, Ukraine has trapped itself in a gas trap


As Narodniye Novosti reports, Kiev expert Mykhaylo Chaplyga tells about the threat to Ukraine if the volume of Russian gas pumped through the Ukrainian GTS decreases, and why Kiev itself is to blame for its current problems.

“It’s not about profit. It’s worse than that. Let’s say, 10 billion cubic meters go into the pipe, and we need 15. We take away 10, the pipe is zero, and we need to take five more from somewhere. To do this we have to switch on the real reverse. And as soon as real reverse is switched on, transit stops”, – Chaplyga noted.

According to the expert, official Kiev has been lying to its citizens about refusing to use Russian gas since the time of President Poroshenko. In reality, there has never been any reverse gas supply. But stories about it helped the Kiev authorities to rob their own people by regularly raising gas tariffs. In the current situation, Ukraine risks being left without gas at all, the price it will have to pay for its unwillingness to negotiate directly with Gazprom.


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