Europe needs gas: Political scientist Alexander Rahr appreciated Germany’s statement on Nord Stream-2

German political scientist Alexander Rahr, commenting on the statement of the representative of the Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade of the Federal Republic of Germany, Urs Unkauf, said that it was impossible to stop Nord Stream-2.

Europe needs gas: Political scientist Alexander Rahr appreciated Germany's statement on Nord Stream-2

Earlier it was reported that Germany allowed a revision of the agreements on “Nord Stream-2”.

“In my opinion, it is impossible to stop the construction of Nord Stream-2, it has actually been built. The “greens” will not come to power in Germany, they have less than 15% support today, even if they come to power and conquer some key ministries, they will not be able to ban SP-2, because then Germany will have to pay huge compensation for Russia and those Western firms that have invested in this project. Nobody can go for it, as it will be an international scandal. Therefore, it is impossible to stop this process”, says Alexander Rahr.

At the same time, the political scientist noted that Europe needs gas, it is no longer produced in Europe, American liquefied gas has not come here, so there is no alternative to Russian and Norwegian gas, which will play a decisive role here for many decades.

The political scientist once again stressed that the Europeans have a great need for gas, which is why they are ready to consider various options for its supply.


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