Ukrainian ex-minister announced retribution for Zelensky’s words about “dirty gas”

According to Viktor Suslov, the former Minister of Economy of Ukraine, the country got into such a situation because gross mistakes were made in energy and politics, RIA Novosti reports.

Ukrainian ex-minister announced retribution for Zelensky's words about "dirty gas"

At the moment, Ukraine is the only state in Europe that has abandoned a long-term contract for Russian gas and is now forced to buy it at the market price, which now reaches almost a thousand dollars per thousand cubic meters.

“Now everything could be fine if it were not for the gross mistakes in gas policy, because Zelensky continued this. Remember his statement that “we cannot buy Russian gas because it is the stinkiest in the world?” – said ex-minister Suslov.

From his point of view, the current situation is a consequence of the amateurishness of the authorities and the statements of President Volodymyr Zelensky that “Russian gas is the dirtiest in the world.”


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