British criticize EU’s statements about Gazprom’s manipulation of gas prices

Readers of the British newspaper Telegraph criticized the statements of European politicians about the market manipulation of Gazprom in order to weaken the economy.

British criticize EU's statements about Gazprom's manipulation of gas prices

According to RIA Novosti, earlier MEPs called on the European Commission to investigate the actions of the Russian company, which, according to them, led to a record increase in gas prices in the EU.

For example, Brussels is convinced that Moscow took advantage of the situation to put pressure on Europe and allegedly “force” it to launch Nord Stream-2. According to politicians, such measures will lead to a disruption in food supplies and undermine the economies of the UK and European countries.

Commentators called these accusations “another fit of hysteria”, because Russia is not to blame for the shortage of energy resources in the UK and the European Union.

“In Britain, another fit of hysteria about nasty foreigners who do everything to our detriment. Take it easy. Ask these lovely French people to send us food packages for Christmas. See what will happen”, commented Madeleine Richardson.

In turn, user Lewis Talbot wrote:

“We turn out to be so stupid that we are deliberately holding back the development of our own energy resources. Most of the countries of Europe, Canada and the United States (under Biden) are engaged in this. Don’t blame your opponents for your own stupidity”.

And John Condon is sure that their government left the people without coal and gas reserves before winter.

In general, the readers agreed that Russia’s actions on the gas market are justified and not related to manipulation.

“And with what fright Russia will not raise gas prices if there is demand. This is capitalism, baby! Here, no one sells to anyone cheaper than the market. There are no fools!” – explained Richard Holman.

T. Greenshields summed up that energy is a commodity. And it is bought and sold at market prices.

“Why should the Russians subsidize other governments, moreover hostile to them? Russia is not obliged to engage in philanthropy”.

Gazprom reacted to the demand of the European Parliament members to investigate the company’s activities prior to the launch of Nord Stream-2.

As noted in the press service, the company supplies gas in accordance with the applications of consumers and in full compliance with the existing contracts and seeks to satisfy the demand as much as possible.


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