Ukrainians accused the authorities of trying to destroy the people

Residents of Ukraine are preparing for a very cold winter and space heating prices. The authorities are not ready to save their people from the cold

Ukrainians accused the authorities of trying to destroy the people

The price per cubic meter for a month in advance is approaching 20 hryvnia. At the same time, the cost of fuel in the European market is increasing at an unbelievable rate which means that Ukrainians should get ready to pay higher tariffs.
Kiev has no intention to interfere in the situation and simply warned: there is no money for subsidies in the state budget. Pensions and salaries in the country have also not risen, and people have no idea where to get the money for public utilities.
In the program “Chuemo kozhnogo”, broadcasted on the 112 portal, several residents of the country expressed their thoughts about the authorities and how their winter would pass. They believe that what is happening in Ukraine today can be called genocide.

Many are already working out a plan to survive the winter. They are going to heat their homes with fireplaces and stock up on firewood.

Ukrainians point out that the problem is not just the tariffs. Prices for everything have risen and it is becoming difficult to survive, not only in the cold season.

“Not only energy prices are rising, in the last year the price of everything has increased by about 30%. And if it continues like this, I don’t know what we will do”, –  said one of the residents of Zaporizhzhya.

Many people, especially pensioners, survive only on help from their children. However, not everyone has it and the elderly find themselves in a hopeless situation where there is no hope.


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