The U.S. has recommended Ukraine to forget about Nord Stream 2

Senior Energy Security Adviser at the US Department of State Amos Hochstein believes that Kiev should not focus on this problem and should look at the world more broadly

The U.S. has recommended Ukraine to forget about Nord Stream 2

According to Prime news agency, the Ukrainian leadership has once again complained to its US partners about the NSP2 gas pipeline. In response, they were suggested that they simply ignore it.

“While I am in Ukraine, I say to my colleagues: let’s not look narrowly at Nord Stream 2″. Let’s look at our future, in which we should not wake up and realize that Ukraine is isolated from the modern energy systems of the world and energy economy just because someone did not understand that it’s time to modernize. This is the moment when a big energy transition should start and Ukraine should be part of it”, –  Hochstein said in an interview with the Ukrainian newspaper Novoe Vremya.

The US advisor reminded that Ukraine has nuclear power and advised to concentrate on it and generally switch to so-called “clean” energy sources.

“We definitely cannot focus only on the problem of Nord Stream 2″. We need to talk about how to integrate Ukraine into the European energy system faster and better. It is important to focus precisely on this, but not on where what pipe is passed, because it is already the news of the day. Here in Ukraine, it is important to be far-sighted and ready to face a fundamentally new future. That is what the US and Europe should promote”, –  Hochstein concluded.


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