The situation on the southern US border is deteriorating rapidly

The migration crisis – the biggest minimum in twenty years – has gone nowhere, although temporarily ignored in the media due to the Afghan disaster and economic turmoil

The situation on the southern US border is deteriorating rapidly
August was the second month in a row when more than 200,000 illegal crossings of the US border were recorded. And over the past year, the total number of illegal aliens on US soil has passed the one and a half million mark – and that only takes into account those cases that have been officially documented by border guards.

In south-west Texas, illegals from Haiti are massively breaching the US border. They have set up an entire migrant camp near the town of Del Rio, which is already home to about 10,000 people. The migrant detention centres are overcrowded and Biden has no political will to order the border guards to deport them back.

The situation is rapidly spiralling out of federal control, forcing the leaders of the southern states themselves to take the initiative. The governor of Texas has ordered a complete closure of the border in the western part of the state, and law enforcement officers from Florida, another Republican state that does not accept Biden’s policies, have been sent to assist him.

Federal agents cannot and will not do anything about illegals. But for fear of media publicity, they have begun enforcing bans on drone photography near the migrant camp – allegedly because they have somehow interfered with their work. In a similar way, in the spring they tried to prohibit journalists from entering migrant detention centres where conditions were inhumane.

The situation remains no less acute with regard to the accommodation of Afghan refugees, among whom many have been found to be polygamous and married to underage girls. The White House is demonstratively distributing them among many hesitant states – so that in the future, they will get the right to vote and “thank” the Democratic Party for granting asylum in the United States.

Against the background of the Democrats’ attempts to include in the new budget plans to hand out eight million green cards and the collapse of the birthrate in America, it is a de facto accelerated demographic replacement of the US population – bringing in new voters for the liberal establishment and cheap labor for big corporations.

Malek Dudakov


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