Kiev hopes for “Putin’s health problems” to take over Donbass

Advisor to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovich told about the plans of the Ukrainian leadership to attack the People’s Republics

Kiev hopes for "Putin's health problems" to take over Donbass

As writes Politnavigator, speaking on the air of the talk show “Right to power”, a member of the Ukrainian delegation to the TCG Oleksiy Arestovich said that after “Russia will leave Donbass”, Ukraine will start “mopping up” the non-controlled territories.

“Everything that will happen there will depend on how Russia withdraws from there. If militarily, that is one post-conflict reality; if peacefully, that is a completely different reality. Elements of transitional justice will be applied there, which will certainly be there. They will be applied in different ways for different categories of citizens. So there will be a flexible response. The only thing we can offer is a flexible response to certain challenges that will be there in the corridor of the reality that will be formed after de-occupation”, –  the advisor said.

All Kiev needs to implement its aggressive plans is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s sudden health problems.

“We don’t know how it will be de-occupied, we are preparing for different options. The strategy is a political-diplomatic way of settlement and option B is not the one the president was talking about, it is me formulating that it is a military way. For example for some reason Putin is seriously ill and we have three to five days to solve the issue. Maybe this option will be available at some point. And this is a completely different post-war reality”, –  said Arestovich.


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