European generals decided not to anger Russian army just in case

The U.S. suddenly became convinced that if it comes to that, America will have to fight Russia strictly alone

European generals decided not to anger Russian army just in case

Judging by the statements of NATO leaders, the Euro-Atlantic military bloc is stronger than ever, and thanks to the efforts of the United States it is even stronger and more powerful. The collective West has substantially increased the number and variety of military exercises, and revived some of their earlier large-scale series.

The notorious American Defender of Europe, for example, is essentially a reincarnation of the REFORGER series of war games held in Europe between 1969 and 1993. The same applies to August 2021, the largest naval exercise in 30 years, the Large Scale Exercise – 2021.

And politically, it seems that the European member states of the Alliance are behaving like warhorses hearing the familiar call tune of the regimental bugle. The same MEPs have also discussed and provisionally agreed a draft report on a new strategy to “contain Russia”.

Although, even if officially adopted, it will only be a recommendation, the very fact of its existence confirms the high morale of the “pan-Europeans” and their determination, if I may say so, to “fight Russia literally to the last cartridge”. As follows from the text of the document – “to prevent her from interfering in the affairs of the eastern and southern neighbours of the union”.

However, any theory, as we know, is always tested by practice. And such a test has indeed taken place.

While Russian troops were in barracks at permanent deployment points, the US and NATO, on land, in the air and at sea, were proudly demonstrating determination, belligerence, cohesion and capability.

But as soon as Russia, together with Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Armenia and India, launched the West 2021 exercise, all American allies in Europe were blown away.

The Washington Examiner news magazine has found out the unpleasant thing. Since 10 September, the start date of the Russian exercise, even the much-publicised Baltic Patrol, officially proving NATO’s ability to cover its Baltic allies in the Baltic Sea region, has ceased its flights.

Moreover, Belgian, Danish, French and German air forces have stopped training and combat activity even in their own territories bordering the Kaliningrad region. What made the American experts most indignant.

In a word, allies are allies, but as soon as the slightest whiff of burning powder and diesel tank soot came from Russia, the USA suddenly found itself all alone in Europe. Observation and reconnaissance flights “along the line of contact” continued exclusively by American aviation. Only very light patrol boats of the “Baltic Tigers” “helped” the Americans at sea.

Roughly speaking, this is all the Pentagon can realistically expect in terms of European involvement in the event of a real “big war with Russia”. No, theoretically speaking, if the Russian army launches an aggressive invasion of their territory, they will somehow resist. And they are even likely to turn to the US for help. But only to repel external aggression on their own land.

To take part in American adventures, in reality, they have no desire. To pay lip service to unity is one thing, but to actually lie down under the tracks of “Russian tanks” is quite another. Especially after the very illustrious and instructive retreat of the US army from Afghanistan, during which the Pentagon blatantly abandoned its allies.

What to do about it now, the U.S. leadership does not yet understand. According to the European media, in the White House Joe Biden even threw something close to hysteria. Outraged at the “two-facedness” of the Germans, who brazenly combine membership of NATO with alliance with Russia. And also the passivity of the Italians in keeping the fleet at their bases, instead of at least displaying the flag, if not in the Black Sea, then at least off the coast of Syria.

“It is absurd that the air force of tiny Luxembourg has to maintain a warning system throughout Central Europe”, –  writes the Washington Examiner.

Only it’s not absurd. This is what objective reality looks like, if you brush off the glitter of phony politicised PR. Russia, on its own initiative, does not want to go to war with Europe. Russia seeks to maintain stable and mutually beneficial trade and economic relations. For when the relations are violated, the price of gas becomes absolutely killing for the European consumer (recently it was more than $800 per 1,000 cubic meters). And the winter cold snap has not yet begun there. Therefore, the military escalation with Russia, to put it mildly, is not profitable for Europe either.

Not everybody, but a considerable part of the ruling elite understands this point. Some of them do it rationally, and some of them are aware that they are brave enough to “twiddle their thumbs” only until they have to “answer” for their words and actions. In short, if it comes to that, America will have to “go to war with the Russians” purely on its own.


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