Cuba’s history repeats itself: Russia has resolved the Iron Dome issue in Ukraine in advance

Another phantasmagoric idea of the Ukrainian authorities to receive some kind of “miracle-weapon” from the U.S. has crashed against the harsh geopolitical reality

Cuba's history repeats itself: Russia has resolved the Iron Dome issue in Ukraine in advance

In recent days in Ukraine there has been a rather heated discussion of a proposal by an American congressman to supply Ukraine with Israeli air defence systems called Iron Dome, which the US once bought from Israel for deployment in Iraq. The system, which proved to be a good defense against homemade missiles, was never deployed in the end and is currently gathering dust in U.S. military warehouses.

As Narodnye Novosti reports, Ukrainian political expert Mykhaylo Chaplyga, speaking on the Nash TV channel, gave a historical example of what happens when superpowers try to play in each other’s “backyards”.

It is about the famous “Caribbean crisis” when the USSR wanted to deploy ballistic missiles in Cuba to offset the US plans to deploy its missiles in Turkey.  At one point, the world was really on the brink of a full-scale nuclear war. As a result, both countries were forced to abandon their plans.

“The US is having strategic conversations with Russia, after all. They are talking about strategic stability. There are ongoing talks in Geneva, after all. It is just that we have been following the first persons, and meetings are taking place at different levels with enviable regularity. I have given this example before and I will stress it again. Do you remember when the USSR brought nuclear missiles to Cuba? There was the “Cuban Missile Crisis”. What did the US say? You can deploy all you like there, but Cuba is in the zone of US geopolitical interests. They took the missiles away in the end. In our situation, Moscow did the same. Russia declared to the world that Ukraine is in the zone of geopolitical interests of Russia. The US obeyed. By doing so, Moscow put a fat Cuban point in the Ukrainian issue. And no one disagrees. Zelensky should have a look in a history book and not stir up the people unnecessarily”, – Chaplyga said ironically.

In the expert’s opinion, the proposal that was made by the American congressman has little to do with Ukraine and is designed to make President Biden look bad for his alleged unwillingness to help the Kiev regime.


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