China reveals how Russia’s abandonment of the dollar has surprised the US in no uncertain terms

According to Chinese experts, the U.S. authorities hoped once again to save their economy simply by running the printing press, but Russia’s course to de-dollarization has hurt the U.S. plans

China reveals how Russia's abandonment of the dollar has surprised the US in no uncertain terms

Politpazl writes that journalists of the Chinese news portal Baijiahao revealed that the US government is not doing enough to strengthen its economy, instead trying to increase the money supply, believing that buying dollars from around the world will unintentionally help the US get back on its feet. But this strategy is running into opposition from Russia and many other countries, which have decided to forgo settlements and reserves in U.S. currencies in favour of national currencies.

“More and more countries prefer to sell US government bonds and take the path of de-dollarisation. <…> Against this background, Russia’s actions have become an example for the rest of the world”,  – the Chinese media explained.

According to Chinese experts, U.S. is not able to influence Russia’s actions, as due to sanctions imposed on it, it has lost leverage over Moscow. And the U.S. leadership is not ready for an open military conflict.

“The United States can only sideways look at Russia’s withdrawal from the dollar and cannot influence it in any way”, –  Chinese journalists summed up.


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