US urges Kiev not to count on aid for “war” with Russia

US diplomat John Herbst has urged Kiev not to count on the US army in case of war with Russia, it was reported

US urges Kiev not to count on aid for "war" with Russia

“I don’t see membership for Ukraine in five or even ten years. Of course, if something drastically changes, maybe faster, but without such changes definitely not”, –  Herbst said.

In other words, Ukraine is once again being told directly that it will neither join NATO nor get help from the US army if anything happens. The diplomat also stressed that the Kiev authorities should not count on the deployment of US troops on their territory either.

“You can count on equipment, but not on American soldiers. If the situation had drastically changed, maybe, but I don’t see that today”, –  Herbst concluded.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that it has no aggressive intentions against any country. However, Russia has observed unprecedented NATO activity near its borders: the North Atlantic Alliance regularly conducts exercises simulating battles with the Russian army.


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