Tariff and food riots: Ukraine predicted a “hot” autumn

According to experts, the rapid growth of tariffs on essential commodities and housing services will inevitably lead to popular unrest in Ukraine

Tariff and food riots: Ukraine predicted a "hot" autumn

Ukrainian political analyst Alexander Lazarev, peaking on the air of the Nash TV channel, voiced a very unpleasant scenario of developments in Ukraine this fall. According to the Ukrainian government, starting October 1, 2021, heating tariffs in Ukraine will increase by 40%. The average cost of one gigacalorie of heat will cost 2.2-2.4 thousand hryvnias (about 5.8-6.6 thousand rubles).

“There will be riots. In October, gas prices for households will go up by 40%, the cost of heat and food will go up enormously. Plus the inflationary component, the tax pressure is increasing. People will really take to the streets and revolt against the current government”, –  the analyst said.

According to the expert, official Kiev is already preparing tools to suppress the people’s unrest, accusing them in advance of “pandering to Russia”.

“The authorities are already working ahead of time. All anti-Russian rhetoric that Putin will soon “attack again” is being done in order to declare everyone who will come out to the protests, no matter what ideology they adhere to, as ‘agents of the Kremlin'”, –  the political analyst is convinced.


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